Digital Storytelling

As your penultimate English 12 assignment, you are going to choose one of the short stories from another ethnic group that you did not explore as part of this unit. After you have read and annotated the selection, you are going to retell the story by making a digital story via VoiceThread.

Your project will use voiceover, images, and music to retell the story and make your audience aware of the conflicts present in your story as a result of the characters’ ethnic background.

Prior to constructing your final project, you will submit a storyboard that reflects the choices you have made. (This Google Doc Storyboard Templatewill help you plan your digital story.)

Your digital story must include the following elements:
  • Content (images, voiceover, music) that conveys the themes and emotions involved in the story as well as the conflicts that are present as a result of ethnicity.
  • Point of View – Your story must be told in first person, from the perspective of one character in the story. You do not need to select the story’s actual narrator, and it might be interesting to explore a secondary character.
  • Your last slide must document all sources used, both text and media.
    • Build your source list on NoodleBib or another citation generator.
    • Paste your completed source list onto a PowerPoint slide.
    • Save that slide as a jpg, rather than a presentation.)
  • Please use copyright-friendly media.
  • Use PowerPoint as a tool for creating slides that offer text or both text and images. (Remember a simple word can function as a powerful visual image.)

Final projects will be posted to the digital short story wikispace and will be available for viewing.

Please have Dr. Valenza add you to the school's VoiceThread account.